mp3Tag Pro 7 - MP3 Tag Editor for Professional and Home Users

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Published: 21st March 2011
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Music files often contain some basic descriptive information, such as title, artist, album, year, genre, comments, and so on. This information is called tags, sometimes also ID3 tags.

mp3Tag Pro is an advanced ID3 tag editor and a batch rename tool for music files in all popular formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, AAC, M4A etc. It can download missing tags from the internet, download lyrics and album art for songs, generate tags from filenames, export and import tags. Once a group of files is correctly tagged, the program can rename the songs to match a certain pattern, so that all files in the music collection follow the same naming scheme. It can also sort music files into newly created folders.

The MP3 tag editor can identify tracks that have names like "track01.mp3", "track02.mp3" and no tag information. The program will emulate an Audio CD and retrieve information about the album from CDDB.

mp3Tag Pro 7 offers even more features for downloading tags from the internet. In addition to FreeDB and Amazon, the new version can download tags from MusicBrainz and Discogs. These online music databases contain information about millions of songs and music pieces, and thus even rare albums have good chances to be found and properly tagged.

While MP3 is still one of the most popular audio formats, some people prefer to keep their music in lossless formats, like APE, FLAC, Apple Lossless etc. To these users mp3Tag Pro 7 brings good news: support for lossless formats has been greatly improved. The program can now store and process images in FLAC files (FLAC tags), repair damaged tags. When it comes to M4a files, mp3Tag Pro 7 takes into account new features of iTunes for better compatibility, correctly works with pictures stored inside M4a files, can repair files with damaged tags that may cause iTunes to crash.

With MP3 files, tags can be saved in the usual Windows encoding or in Unicode. Unicode was created to show all non-Latin characters properly, including accented letters, umlauts, Cyrillic letters, and so on. mp3Tag Pro 7 is capable of saving tags in either encoding, and it is easy to convert Windows encoding to Unicode or the other way around for any number of audio files.

mp3Tag Pro is being developed since 1999, every new version includes numerous improvements and new features. Being quite an advanced ID3 tag editor, mp3Tag Pro keeps its interface clean and simple, which allows new users to master the program simply by using it. All the power of numerous features enjoyed by DJs, owners of sound recording studios and other music professionals worldwide is also available to home users!

Organize and tag your music collection easily with mp3Tag Pro.

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